Our Services include:

  • Preliminary inspection and report;
  • Development of design specifications for window retrofit;
  • Tender documents and analysis;
  • Project Management.

We also provide design build services (turn key) with single team accountability with the lowest possible price.

Alloy used in constructing aluminum windows is generally well-built and could last a very long time. The profiles that are used for frames, sashes and removable units are from the same alloy and have a very long life cycle. However, sealing gaskets, glazing tape (sealant), wheels and rollers, sash stops and child locks, exterior and interior sealants, and most importantly the pile weather-stripping all have a shorter life span and frequently fail within 15 to 20 years allowing air and water penetration.

Most property owners and managers for commercial buildings opt to replace their windows when water and air penetrations are reported as well as the fading on the aluminium frames and sashes depending on the finish.

Why replace? Retrofit your existing aluminium windows!

Known facts:

  • Windows account for up to 25% of heat loss;
  • Cold air entering apartment units through cracks and gaps around windows creates uncomfortable environment.

Apartment Building Window RetrofittingOne of the quickest means to improve indoor environment and to reduce heat loss is to seal air leaks by using weather-stripping and sealants. This will increase comfort and save money.

Accent Building Sciences Inc. has designed and delivered comprehensive window retrofit programs at various locations in the Greater Toronto Area. Projects were primarily occupied residential high rise buildings.

See thermal photos of window air leakage


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