Exterior Wall SystemsAccent Building sciences specializes in commercial exterior wall repair using the best practices in building masonry and building wall repair systems. In our years of experience the major problems witnessed with commercial masonry veneer systems relate to the presence of moisture within the wall cavity. This moisture is forced into the cavities by rain penetration or by the movement of humid interior air from inside the occupied space.

The principal requirements of a wall as listed in the Canadian Building Digest CBD 48 are:

  • control of heat flow
  • control of air flow
  • control water vapour flow
  • control rain penetration
  • control light, solar and other radiation
  • control noise
  • control fire
  • provide strength and rigidity
  • be durable
  • be aesthetically pleasing
  • be economical

Accent Building Sciences Inc specilalizes in Exterior Wall Systems.

Typical exterior wall moisture problems include

  • efflorescence and staining of building masonry veneer
  • wetting and staining of exterior and interior finishes
  • mildew and mould – especially on the interior finishes and within the wall system
  • deterioration of gypsum sheathing
  • deterioration of mortar joists (tuck-pointing)
  • spalling of brick
  • deterioration/corrosion of masonry ties and shelf angles
  • in-wall condensation reducing insulation effectiveness

Exterior Wall SystemsThe choice of the type of commercial masonry is dependent upon the cost, design life, life cycle maintenance and retained value, building envelope requirements, aesthetics, and user acceptance. In the process of designing a new/retrofit wall system the above principal requirements are to be taken into consideration.

Accent Building Sciences services include:

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