Accent Building Sciences utilizes infrared imaging technology to provide a variety of thermographic imaging services. This allows for the identification of problematic components within a variety of building systems before they seriously impact the operation of the building.

Infared ImagingThe latest models of infrared imaging equipment are used for two simple reasons: first, they ensure the accuracy of our findings and second, they provide the best, most reliable results for our clients.

Accent’s staff are professionally trained thermographers with extensive experience in building moisture detection techniques and methods. Combining the latest in technology with our vast knowledge of building elements and their composition guarantees top quality service every time.

Accent Building Sciences Inc identifies building problems using thermal imaging.

Stop treating the symptoms, find the root cause of the problem.

Thermography applications:

  • Infrared inspection of flat roofing systems, for moisture infiltration detection.
  • Infrared inspection to detect moisture contamination within building wall systems (building envelope).
  • Thermographic analysis in order to detect thermal heat loss from buildings elements, i.e. windows, wall protrusions, etc.
  • Infrared inspection of new building construction in their entirety, upon completion.
  • Integrity assessment of masonry and concrete walls and building components
  • Infrared inspection of thermal heated floor slabs for system leakage and thermal distribution.
  • Infrared inspection for heat gain in cold storage and freezer structures

Infared Imaging

Thermal images together with field information are converted into a report that includes comprehensive data and a thorough analysis. This provides the property administrator/owner with the information required to solve problems permanently.

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