Accent Building Sciences are commercial flat roofing experts and have had over 20 years of repairing flat roofs on a variety of different buildings and commercial structures. A major problem for building owners is roof failure. Roof failure usually results from water leaks, insufficient insulation, and structural problems. Common problems are usually associated with flat roofs due to various applications.

We offer the following expertise on:

  • Commercial office buildings flat roof repair and maintenance
  • Building flat roof maintenance
  • School maintenance and flat roof repair
  • building flat roof repair
  • Building water proofing
  • Commercial water proofing
  • waterproofing flat roof

“Flat Roof Maintenance”, Accent Building Sciences, Condo Business Magazine, May 2000.

Accent Building Sciences Inc investigates designs and manages over 5 million square feet of roofing every year.

There are four phases involved in implementing complete roofing project.

Phase 1 – Investigation

The first phase consists of an investigation of the present condition of the roof assembly. A detailed list of the investigation’s findings is accompanied by recommendations for the proposed design and a budget for repair or replacement.

Phase 2 – Documentation

The second phase includes the preparation of contract documents including specifications and drawings. A site meeting with contractors is essential to this phase to discuss the intent of the work and address any concerns the contractors may have.

Phase 3 – Construction

The third phase is comprised of a comprehensive construction review to fully assess and prepare the site. This includes the installation of equipment necessary to ensure the safety of those impacted by the construction and general preparation of the work site. Quality work is achieved through daily site visits during this phase and through regular construction site meetings, all of which are documented for inclusion in the final report.

Phase 4 – Inspection

The last phase of this process is a final inspection of the work to authenticate compliance with the specifications detailed in phase two. The final report includes a list of deficiencies, if any, complete as-built drawings including the name of the contractor, and the new roof assembly system along with contractor’s/manufacturer’s warranties. Digital photographs, detailed drawings, and records from progress reports and meetings are included in the final report.

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