Quality addresses defects, errors, and complaints and includes anything the customer expects and requires.

Accent Building Sciences defines Quality as the Customer's expectations and requirements.

Principles for Implementation

Quality means error free delivery on time and meeting all requirements and expectations our customers may have. Principles for implementation are categorized into four areas.

1. Focus on Customers

Accent consistently meets or exceeds customers’ needs and expectations by giving them a product or service that fully meets their requirements. Priorities are based on what the customer wants. This focus on the customer means that you will get the very best quality every time.

2. Management by Fact

The management by fact concept is based on the theory that decisions should be founded on objectives. Management by fact entails the improvement of work processes based on stringent statistical methods, and encourages the use of analytical tools to reach decisions.

3. Respect for People

To provide customers with engineering services that meet their needs, Accent relies on the commitment and dedication of its employees. When employees feel respected and appreciated, they are empowered to harness their overall knowledge and skills to benefit the customer. Showing respect for employees means providing them with adequate training, asking for their comments and suggestions, considering their opinions, implementing the solutions they propose for problems, and recognizing their efforts accordingly: Accent gives its employees the tools and opportunities to support their continued growth and development ensuring that they have the latest and most up to date training and information available.

4. Continuous Improvement

Accents’ commitment to Total Quality Management means constantly asking what it can do to better meet the customers’ needs and expectations. Work methods are continuously questioned and reviewed in an effort to ensure quality. We rely and focus on a very large number of small improvements, and we are always seeking to improve our performance.

Elements of productivity/quality improvement may be summarized as follows:

  • Project identification
  • Planning and reporting
  • Performance measurement
  • Internal review
  • Problem analysis/solution
  • Inspection capability
  • Corrective/preventive action
  • Process control implementation
  • Measurement of effectiveness

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