Accent Building Sciences’ underground parking garage repair services include:

  • ┬áCondition survey
  • Development of repair methods
  • Specifications and contract documentation
  • Project management and reporting
  • Production of preventative maintenance program

There are several limitations and disadvantages associated with underground parking garages. In general, they incur a higher initial cost per parking space and water ponding on the intermediate slab is all too common. The presence of salt brought in by cars causes severe damage if not corrected promptly. Finally, they are certain to be more susceptible to concentrated and trapped auto emissions. Concrete deterioration is one of the most commonly reported failures in underground garages that require repair or maintenance. Problems generally fall into one of several major categories including:

  • spalling
  • cracking
  • leaching
  • scaling
  • carbonation
  • reinforcement corrosion
  • joint deterioration

Joint leaking also contributes to concrete distress. These deterioration mechanisms are (to varying degrees) the cause of durability problems experienced by many underground parking structures today.


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